Faster Image Segmentation Using Parallel Mean Shift Algorithm

This dynamic mean shift algorithm updates both the sample space and the “mean”, which is a subspace of the sample space. In general, mean shift uses a window and repeat it until it finds the last input point. We followed the Single Program Multiple Data (SPMD) model for parallel implementation which divides the input data (i.e., image) into multiple parts according to the number of available cores. For example, if a CPU has 4 cores, it will partition the input image into 4 parts and each part will be processed by a single processing unit. Finally the segmented partitions are merged together to get the output image. Link

C++ / PPL / OpenCV

Park System Product Comparison & Quotation Management

An online system built with PHP and MySQL database for creating and managing price based product for park systems. It is a role based system for generating pdf product quotation for park system and used for sending to the user. This system also work for comparing the entered product with one another along with the comment system. Link


AZ Therapy Hub

A HIPPA Compliant application for managing the pediatric therapist and clients inside the state of Arizona. It includes: School Time sheet integration, Payroll Integration, Seamlessly Email Quarterly Reports, Evaluations, and soap notes via secured messages, Pending document management, Download 100’s of claims at one time seamlessly upload for billing to insurance, Document management integration, Compliance document management, Library Integration, OIG exclusion system. Link


CartisticBD Web and Admin

An ecommerce based site, work on API calls. This whole site is on Single Page Application (SPA) technology and this admin panel is also is in SPA and JavaScript based technology. Link

JS / NoSQL / jQuery

A USA based online dating portal for muslims. Here you can find your partner and get connected to him / her. Like a facebook application in a small manner. Messaging, Blocking, Friend Request all you can do with it. Link

PHP / MySQL / Laravel 5.4

A USA based company site for business showcase. Link

PHP / MySQL / Laravel 5.4

An online email marketing tool for surveys and email marketing. Almost like constant contact.Its ongoing and will be live soon. Link

PHP / MySQL / Laravel 5.4

React Single Page Portfolio App

The goal is not to get into the finer details of React Router but What we are going to do is use React to build a simple single-page app. The biggest difference is that navigating a single-page app doesn't involve going to an entirely new page. Instead, your pages typically load inline within the same page itself. Link


React Login/Logout Module

A basic react login logout register and forget password module. The target of creating this module is to use it in every auth based react app that uses API.


Nexway API

Nexway business API integration with laravel framework for product management.

PHP / MySQL / Laravel 5.4

Laravel Dusk Automation

A new way of scrapping large ecommerce sites. Basically this is a browser based automation for scrapping new products from different ecommerce site by login as a bot and storing the products to the database. It also checks for new products and update the store acccording to it.

PHP / MySQL / Laravel 5.6

Aleps Learning Center

ALEPS, is a online based learning system that covers four learning styles based on the implementation of VARK model – where VARK is the acronym for Visual, Auditory, Read/write, and Kinesthetic. An easy to learn system that is adopted by the universities of Malaysia and Singapore. Link

PHP / MySQL / Codeigniter 3

Spreadsheet Event Importer

It is a codeigniter based authenticated system, for uploading excel / csv data to the system at once. Mainly the system is built in Yii. But this portion is built in codeigniter.

PHP / MySQL / Codeigniter 3

Faq Management System

A Faq management system using Codeigniter and bootstrap 3. A CRUD based authenticated system for FAQ management.

PHP / MySQL / Codeigniter 3

Covalent Media Leads Management

Covalent media is a huge traffic based application for organizing leads and surveys all over the world. Worked as support on the system and adding small features to it. Link

PHP / MySQL / Codeigniter 3

Mail tracker with Invoice Scrapper

A simple yet powerful tool for email marketing and online business. This system tracks email record of the mail that is sent to the user. Either they received it or not, Ip address, their system, location, device and many more information. Except this it also has a scheduler that tracks down the business invoice and pull the records from the file and push it into the users accounting system.


Woocommerce based accounts recording system for 3rd party API

This plugin works for the Wordpress woocommerce system that has multiple store all over the net. Pulls sales data from all the store when they purchase and pay for a product and at the same time store in the 3rd party account system. (Google data, Speardsheet etc.)

PHP / MySQL / Woocommerce / WordPress

Woo Limit Sales Plugin

The aim of this project is to limit sales through a woocommerce web site depending on the total amount of sales per month. It Sets a sales limit ($ amount), Sets a start date (day of month), Sets a notification email address (admin), When the sales limit is reached then send an email to the admin and stop woocommerce from accepting new orders and issue a site notice.

PHP / MySQL / Woocommerce / WordPress

Paparazzi PsyPlay Theme Plugin

The aim of this project is to get another sites movies, series, episodes and importing it to the current sites database, using the PsyPlay Theme.

PHP / MySQL / Woocommerce / WordPress

Woocommerce business plugin for isbn to product using Google Books API

This plugin imports book from Google Books API using only the ISBN Serial of the book. By uploading the spreadsheet of the ISBN it simply downloads the book info and store it as a woocommerce product with quantity and price. Link

PHP / MySQL / Woocommerce / WordPress

Referral Review

A referral and review application to increase user service rating and to post and track the reviews from the social media like google plus, facebook, twitter, yelp. Link

PHP / MySQL / WordPress

Room reservation system for Oak Crest research center

Conference room booking system for the registered user of the system. A calendar based system where people can reserve room on demand . First come first serve based system like hotels and similar to ticketing system. Admin user can manage the schedule and remove and reschedule them. Link

PHP / MySQL / WordPress

Hanlei Hotel Booking System

A person and date based room booking system application with paypal payment integration and user notification.

PHP / MySQL / WordPress

Wordpress Plugins

Gallery Management Plugin.

Address to Map Locator.

Find places nearby me.

Paypal Donation On Click.

Front End Login/Register plugin.

Link status checker for post types.

Google Book Hive.

PHP / MySQL / WordPress

Google Map & Dropbox Api

Google map related api call like searching places, marking position. Dropbox Api to save, retrive data and using dropbox asa cdn drive.

PHP / Js

OMDB Movie Api

Retrive and search movies using the OMDB api.

Angular Js

Data Duplicate Checker and Formatter

Sort and merge unique data from a large dataset like csv / text file.


Image Scrapper

Scrapping images from a given link or website and storing to local drive.


Private University Info App

HTML CSS JS based static application for EWU university students project, ported to android system for getting the information of the leading private universities of bangladesh.

Private University Info App


Movie Search App

Its a primary working phase on working with android studio and java. I did this on learning purpose and used recycler view, volley, picasso and some android widgets. Basically this app contains a splash screen and requires a login for a new user and gives the user to search for movies, series and shows in recycler view. After that it shows a detailed information of the topic on click.

Movie Search App


Voice Controlled Car

University project, Using Microsofts voice engine and computers printer port, controlling a car with voice. This car can handle 8 to 10 commands like stop, go, back etc.

.net C#

Medical System Management

University project, Medical management system for managing records of doctors, medicine, staffs etc.

.net C# / MS SQL Server 2005

Address Book

University project, Java based application for CRUD based information management and search for people around us. More like a address book.


Subscriptions Keeper

Google Chrome extension for remembering and sending notification for a site's subscription ending date to a user. A lot of the times user forgets this and he pays an extra charge. This effort is for only to avoid this hassle.


Single Page Application

A javascript based single page application system like slack, gmail for faster user experience.


Form Validation Plugin

A javascript based form validation plugin for validation and form manipulation. This lessen down work of a user while in development process.


Websites Created (A Few)

PHP / WordPress / Laravel / Codeigniter

* I have kept only some of my projects here amongst a lot. For privacy reason and restricted access, most of the projects link and source code are not public. So for any discussion or to know about my works, Please feel free to contact or inbox me. Thanks.